Stamping Die

Stamping die is a cold forming process that takes a sheet of metal, referred to as a blank or tool steel, and cuts and shapes it using a single or series of dies to create a desired shape or profile. The force that is applied to the blank modifies and changes its geometry, which creates stress that makes the workpiece suitable for bending or shaping into complex forms. The parts produced can be exceptionally small or extremely large depending on the application.

The die stamping process, also known as pressing, includes a number of techniques such as punching, blanking, piercing, coining, and several other operations. Designs are required to be precise so that each punch produces optimal quality.

The dies in die stamping are specialized tools that have been customized to create a specific design, which can be very simple common items or complex computer components. Dies can be designed to perform a single function or be part of a series of functions that happen in stages.